Pray for Different Forms Of Media

Pray for Preaching Done Through Television, Web-sites, Radio And  Different Forms Of Media  And All False Teaching To Depart From The Body Of Christ.  Spiritual Eyes Of The People Be Opened Up To Be Able To Accept The Right Teaching.      ( 1 Cor. 9:22, Dan. 2:20-21. ).

This year we especially want to pray for media professionals to be empowered to tell the whole story – the negative as well as the positive, the wrongs and the rights, the truth and the redemption. Here are the 3 things we are praying for:

  • increased opportunities to celebrate empathy, truth and justice in the media and for lives to be changed.
  • enhanced respect and mutual understanding between Christian and non-Christian media professionals.
  • effective discipleship of young Christians who are looking to build a career in, or will be working with, the media.

Here are the 3 groups of people we are praying for:

  • Christian and non-Christian Media professionals (eg print and radio journalists, tv and film producers, directors, editors and writers, advertising and communication specialists)
  • Churches supporting and interacting with the media
  • Christian groups supporting those who work in and with the media

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