Dreams and Vision of Bro. O. Dkhar


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Dreams and Vision of Bro. O. Dkhar

In the year 1983, while I was sleeping on my bed at night, I saw a vision that heaven was open and I saw Jesus and the angles clothed with a very bright light. As I kept on looking to heaven I also saw people from this Earth clothed with white robs were allowed to ascend up to heaven, I too as I tried to go with them I could not since I did not have white robe like them. Then I cried out with a loud voice to Jesus ‘give me a chance, give me a chance Lord’. And I heard a voice that came from Jesus saying, ‘Yes, there is still a chance’. And I asked Jesus to wash all my sins away by His blood. When I woke up, I found myself in my bed with tears in my eyes. Since that moment I made up my mind with a strong decision to follow Jesus and to pray more and more to God. As I came close to Him, He then filled me with the Holy Spirit and the utterance of new tongues. My life now is filled with joy, peace and love that I am able to pray, to preach, to teach and to make disciples for Jesus.

One night while I was sleeping in my bed, I saw myself standing and preaching in front of a big crowd. Among the crowd I also saw there were many sick people of different kinds of diseases. As I preached, I saw sick people were brought to the front to be prayed for, and as I prayed in the Name of Jesus Christ I saw that they all received the healing touch from Jesus.

In the year 2014, while I was praying about 3:30 in the morning I saw a vision that many cows of different colours were grazing in the field. Near those cows, there is also a paddy field were only red cows were grazing. Just as that moment, I heard a voice that said that these red cows belong to me. I saw the red cows were jumping to one pool nearby and then they disappeared. After that I was very much worried about them since they were seen no more. But after sometime, they appeared back again without any harm or loss and it gave me great joy as they came back.

In the year 2014, while I was praying about 4 O’clock in the morning I saw a vision that I and my wife were coming towards the prayer room, we found that the prayer room was filled with different groups of people belonging to different caste, kind and creed. Just at that moment, as I was standing there I heard a voice that came to me saying “tell these people to pray according to My Word”. And I understood that is the voice of the Holy Spirit that came from Jesus Christ to me. And as I told so to those people in that prayer room, the room was filled and moved with fervent prayer. And I also saw that a lady stood up and encouraged the people to pray more and more according to the Word of God (the Bible) and I saw that the room was filled with the prayers of the saints.

In the year 2015, while I was praying about 3 O’clock in the morning, I saw a vision that while I was preaching in one place, I saw many people gathered together both educated and un-educated. And while I was preaching suddenly I saw the interpreter who interpreted for me fall down. In that vision while I stopped for a while to see what had happened to the man, a voice came to me saying “continue till the end of your preaching”. After that I woke up from my sleep.

In the year 2015, while I was praying about 3 O’clock in the morning, I saw myself that I was with one friend of mine, a brother in Christ and we were passing along a river. The water of that river while we were passing is very little and transparent. The depth of water could reach only up to the ankles of our feet. But while we continued passing along the river, the level of the water started increasing higher and higher till it covered our heads. Later, we found ourselves submerged fully under the transparent water swimming and diving till we reached to the place where we desired to go.

In the year 2015, while I was praying about 3:30 in the morning I saw a vision that I was standing on one place and suddenly I saw many bull-dogs sitting in front of the house where I desire to enter in and I was feeling very scared. So when I prayed to Jesus for help and I saw one man coming towards me and gave me a knob-headed rod to hit those bull-dogs. When I prayed to God in the name of Jesus, the bull dogs saw me with that knob-headed rod; they ran away and disappeared immediately.

In the year 2015, while I was praying I fell into a deep sleep. Suddenly, I saw myself that while I was speaking the Word of God one man came to me and showed me a coffin where a dead lady was there. The people who were around that area they spoke to me to bury that coffin. So I responded to them saying I cannot do that. Just at that moment, a voice came to me to take that lady by the hand and raise her up in the Name of Jesus. I also saw my mother who was there side by side with me when she touched that dead body inside the coffin that I took by the hand, life came back to that lady and she started moving and speaking. So all the people who were in and around that place, shouted and praised God. Again, a voice came to me saying tell this lady to go back home and dress nicely.

In the year 2016, while I was praying I saw myself that I was driving a white vehicle through the rough road (katcha roads). So, while I was thinking how I can proceed ahead to reach to my destination if the road condition is like this. Suddenly a voice came to me saying, ‘proceed ahead’. When I obeyed that voice, I found myself that I could drive without any obstacle and lastly I reached to one place where there were many people who were praying and singing together and again I heard a voice saying these people are praying and singing 24 hours by Chain-prayer.

In the year 2016, while I was praying about 3’O clock in the morning, a vision came to me showing a very beautiful garden where many trees and very good vegetation were there. When I looked up I saw that a stream having very clear water was flowing out from that garden. I myself when I saw that stream of clear water, I was thinking to make a cage for catching the fishes but just at that moment a very beautiful gentle man standing inside that garden said to me “please don’t make any cage to trap the fish; let them go and swim freely in and out”.

In the year 2016, while I was praying about 4 O’clock in the morning suddenly I saw a vision of a very beautiful garden. So as I looked around that garden, I saw two pomegranate trees which are full of ripped fruits right from the bottom to the top of both the trees. Just at that moment, the voice came to me “pluck the fruits and taste them”. So when I tasted them, I found that they are really sweet to me and I woke up.

It happened to me, while I was standing and looking all around the hospital NEIGRIMS Shillong, when I saw the strong wall surrounded this hospital just in a sudden a voice came to me saying that “did you see that fencing?” So, I responded “yes Lord”. So again another voice came to me saying that “when people give themselves to prayer and fasting, the hand of God will move and make a hedge for the personal life, their home and family, city, town, village and country like what I did for Job. This put me in remembrance about the book of Job chapter 1:10.


Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"

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